Alexander and the Macedonians

This page contains the results of Yr 13 classwork on this theme.

Overview timeline:

Key Events in This Theme:

330BC The 'Conspiracy of Philotas' and the Death of Parmenio, by Emma and Tiana

328BC The Murder of Cleitus, by Erin, Tori and Jennifer

327BC Callisthenes and Proskynesis

327BC Royal Pages Conspiracy, by Kelsey and Alysha

Teacher's Note: The only important omission from this slideshow is the fate of Callisthenes. Sources say that he was either executed at the same time as the Pages (having been accused of inspiring them to conspire against Alexander), or taken prisoner and transported around until he died from illness or torture.

326BC The Mutiny at the River Beas / Hypasis, by Kyu Hyun and Gi Are

325BC - The Journey through the Gedrosian Desert

324BC - The Susa Weddings, by Christian, Jacinda, Georgia and Felipe

324BC - The Mutiny at Opis, by Anna, Margaret and Rosie