Main Characters



What happens?

Sinon is captured and explains why he was left behind and what the purpose of the horse was.
Laocoon is killed by sea snakes. Trojans take horse and party.
Hector appears to Aeneas, telling him to get out of Troy. Aeneas ignores this and goes into battle.
Trojans dress as Greeks, see Cassandra's rape, Priam's murder. A was going to kill Helen, but Venus stopped him and told him to return to his house.
Anchises refuses to leave the house. Jupiter sends three signs to convince him to leave and Aeneas carries him and the Trojan gods out of the city.
Creusa is left behind and killed. She appears as a ghost, telling Aeneas not to mourn.

Characteristics revealed

Furor - Aeneas' decision to fight "Frantic in my fury"
Pietas - Carries father (who is carrying gods) out of Troy.
Backwards-Looking - "Ashes of Ilium, burning all that was dear to me!"
Vengeful - Sees Helen and contemplates killing her.
Greeks are ruthless (kills Priam's son in front of him), sacreligious (rape of Cassandra at altar), deceitful (Sinon), brave (hiding in horse)


Tragedy - Cassandra
Fate/Destiny - Leaving Creusa, Hector's message
Furor/Pietas - Character of Aeneas
Role of Gods - Involved in Sack of Troy (Neptune, Juno, Minerva, Jupiter)